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Will Yuri’s ‘heaven’ be overrun by the male devils from hell?

(Source: Aerandria)She had always hated the fact that her younger brother had been cuter than her.

One day, she witnessed her classmate, Okuno-kun, working part-time at a butler tea house.

As a "bargaining point" to get Satsuki to keep quiet about this, he agreed to listen to her "wish", but then...?!

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Not only that, but being a member of the student council, she now has to work alongside the male student council of Ginka academy.

Luckily, she can use the gaming skills she acquired as an otaku to make her way in this new world.

But before she knows it, people start calling her "the Black Healer"!!

But when she finally kisses someone -and it isn't pleasant- what will happen?

(Source: Tarot Cafe) In an organization of professional killers called Tanatos, there exists an elite assassin. 1, the curtain rises on a battle fought with blood over blood!!

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    "As I said, in 30 years I've never had a case like this," she said.

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    (aber natürlich kannst du auch der geheimnisvolle Fremde bleiben). Aber du kannst natürlich auch versuchen deine Identität geheim zu halten - damit machst du dich vielleicht auch für eine Weile interessant.