Datin naked

Television audiences in France can expect a cheeky surprise in the coming weeks, when a new reality programme featuring contestants dating in the nude, hits the screens.Has reality TV in France hit a new low or will viewers turn on in their droves?"The ultimate romantic experience where two people revisit the myth of the Garden of Eden," he said."There is no money into the bargain: it is a way of making sure that people are sincerely looking for love," he told French newspaper Le Parisien.However, I’m a Big Brother Fan and it was great meeting Ma Ma Da, Victor and Paul. Paul came to David and I’s hotel room with his guitar and I was lucky to have my own concert with those two.Not only that but I became friends with Paul and he and I ditched the after party to go bar hopping while we were in a suit and gown. They started jamming out and singing beautifully together and I’ll never forget that feeling of being in front of so much talent.

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The chemistry was electric, and it became VERY obvious just how much they liked each other when they shared a kiss right there in front of Kyle and Jackie O.

Part of their prize was a date, which they both revealed they didn’t need.

The US version of the programme - Dating Naked - which blurs out all sensitive parts of the body has proved so popular that it has been commissioned for a second season.

One of the couples that met on the show even ended up getting married.

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