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Gionfriddo’s plays all manage to make their serious subjects—class, gender, grief, and violence, for starters—darkly funny.But for her, humor exists as an entry point into exploring these daring subjects, rather than the other way around.You ooze sex appeal, and though it may seem like you don't care, that's just your snarky defense mechanism.You really do care deeply about certain people, and with love, it happens rarely, but you give yourself completely.

It's not just that you can plan a party; you really do cheer people up, because you're such a supportive friend.

You play by the rules so much that you come off as a goody-goody, but it's just your unwavering commitment to doing the right thing.

You love love and monogamy, and you keep your best friends close.

With the finale in mind, let's figure out what you've always wanted to know — which Vampire Diaries character are you?

You have a huge heart and lots of love in your life, between your family, friends, and romantic life.

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