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is reaching more readers than ever before, but advertising revenue across the Internet is falling fast, hitting independently owned and operated publications like ours the hardest.We’ve watched many of our fellow media sites fall by the way side in recent years, but we’re determined to stick around.The Godard we see in this movie still has the charisma of an owlish brainiac raconteur, but he’s bitter and combative, the ultimate Debbie Downer, a pill of self-righteous testiness.(Nothing throws a wet blanket on a party, or even a mass student revolt, like talking about how the world hasn’t gone Maoist enough for you.) The perversely funny insight of “Redoubtable” is that it’s all, deep down, about Jean-Luc’s ego.

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During the May ’68 protests, Jean-Luc shows up at conventions of students, but mostly to compete with them — and they hate him for it.

It’s that the whole Godardian austerity has become more extreme and less joyful, and it’s no longer in sync with the culture.

During a protest march, a young woman comes up to Jean-Luc and asks why he doesn’t make movies like “Breathless” anymore; a cop makes a point of saying that he and his wife loved “Contempt” (from four years before).

At the premiere, there are walkouts and people sleeping, and the next morning it’s a mild shock for us to see how upset Jean-Luc is at the withering reviews.

It’s not just that he made a bad movie (every director makes bad movies).

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