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Many of the buildings being renovated will be used by people from the Americas Cup as well as the ACBDA team, but after that, they will be available to locals.

We always wanted Dockyard to be a vibrant, 24/7 place and hopefully these developments will go some way towards that ambition.

The French Navy, which caused the blockade that was the major factor in the British defeat by the Americans, had been smashed. This was why Ireland Island in Sandys Parish, the former separate, narrow serrated island that pushes out into the Atlantic at the extreme north west of Bermuda, formally started to become, from 1809 when it was officially acquired by the British Admiralty, a Royal Navy base of one-time huge significance.

In rapid succession in 1803, the British Admiralty issued draught no.

The North Basin Building #3 the Anchor Restaurant has also undergone renovation work including a roof replacement.

Mr Dias added: Dockyard is a very important part of Bermudas tourism product and it is imperative that we at Wedco do not stand still.

Restoration work was completed by Overnight Construction and Strikeforce, and was completed on budget.

Mr Dias, who previously told The Royal Gazette that the project would be completed by April 20, said he was delighted with the final product.

The money has been used to make new office space and upgrade homes.

Andrew Dias, General Manager at the West End Development Corporation (WEDCO), said: The work was always in the pipeline but was given fresh impetus as a result an insurance payout from recent hurricanes and the Americas Cup.

Cedar was plentiful then and unlike oak, from which many of the larger ships were made in the United Kingdom, did not require seasoning.

One such Bermuda-built schooner established her own special claim to fame in 1805.

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