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Recognizing the depth of the crisis that their world faces, Halogen asserts that what they need is new visionary leadership to guide a social rebirth—and on that note, the Council proclaims Orion Pax to now be Optimus Prime, the new leader of all Cybertron, with his first mission being the retrieval of the long lost Matrix of Leadership.

Megatron is livid at the elevation of his former colleague, believing it to have been a set-up from Orion all along.

When Orion vocally defends Megatron in a dispute on the Cybertronian datanet, he inadvertently "outs" himself as being part of the organization and is soon viewed as just as much a revolutionary.

As their movement gains power, it also grows more violent: Saboteurs professing allegiance to Megatron commit multiple bombings across the planet, including destroying the Six Lasers Over Cybertron amusement park.

The architecture of ancient cities such as Iacon display a boldness and dynamism absent from modern structures and, indeed, from most of Cybertronian life.

As soon as every Cybertronian emerges from the Well of All Sparks (in which resides the All Spark itself, the device that physically creates them) they are assigned to a caste and guild from which they may never deviate throughout their lifetimes—and even this process has lost its grandeur over the eons, with the newly sparked no longer expected to make a death-defying run through the primordial monsters' den of Underworld.

Cybertron's once-mighty civilization is in a period of stasis and decadence.

But he cannot hide his own involvement in the kidnapping of Sentinel Prime—carried out with cooperation from Sentinel's own Seeker bodyguards.In the cheers of his adoring fans, this name gets shortened to Megatron, and the new form sticks.Orion Pax, a data clerk who feels dissatisfied with the caste system, is assigned to eavesdrop on Megatron's political speeches and file them appropriately for the High Council's knowledge.The two also engage in nonstop verbal sparring and (would-be) witty repartee.Megatron's team includes the devious spymaster Soundwave and his army of Minicons, and the amoral mad scientist Shockwave.

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