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As a registered subscriber or user, You may be able to download software, enter contests or sweepstakes, order e-mail newsletters or participate in additional services or other promotions offered on the Accu Weather Sites.

In addition to the information that You may proactively provide or voluntarily disclose, Your use of the Accu Weather Sites may result in the assignment of unique identifying numbers and/or codes which may be used to allow Accu Weather and its Providers and others who assist Accu Weather in the support of the Accu Weather Sites to track Your web browsing movements across the internet.

Your device may only turn off GPS tracking, but many devices in the marketplace also track and transmit other location information such as use of Bluetooth (if enabled), identification of a Wi-Fi router through which a device may be communicating, and personal IP address.

Some devices even transmit information such as battery power and charging status.

As Accu Weather expands its offerings and as technology evolves, We may, from time to time, update Our privacy practices to address such changes, and We may do so with or without notice to Users.

Please check this page on a regular basis for updates to this Privacy Statement if these issues are of concern to You.

“Personally Identifiable Information,” (often referred to herein by the letters “PII”) means any information by which a person could be specifically identified, including but not limited to name, address, email address, and information about the approximate or precise location of a person and/or his or her device.

You may be asked to provide information that personally identifies You or allows Accu Weather and/or its Providers to identify or contact You.THE ACCUWEATHER SITES, AND THE PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND ADVERTISING MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE ACCUWEATHER SITES, ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN WITHOUT PARENTAL SUPERVISION.Definitions:“Accu Weather,” “We,” “Our,” and “Us” refers to Accu Weather, Inc.By using the Accu Weather Sites, You consent to use by Accu Weather and its Providers of such geographic tracking technologies.You should be aware that the fact that You turn off location services may not mean that all location identifiable technologies are turned off.

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