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Noor Clinic: Pakistani clinic for health & sex education in Urdu and in Roman Hindi especially for Pakistani and Indian shy men, women, boys and girls; who can not discuss their personal problem with any one including their parents, friends, teachers and doctors.reach the dead end largely due to financial problems, infidelity and lack of trust, problems with sex and sexuality also rank high.Price said his company understood the importance of educating the general public on a wide range of topics pertaining to sexual health."Think of us as a one-stop shop, available 24/7, to facilitate your needs, be it comprehensive information regarding STIs and safe sex, the latest in sex tech or advice on how to approach a friends with benefits arrangement," he said.

Humarey kuch khaer khwaho'n (well wishers) ney humein mashwara diya kay hum zara ehtiyat karein aur hakeemo'n ka zikr na karein warna who aap ko qatal kara deingey kyun kay aap unn kay rizq per laat maar rahey hain.

Pornhub claims a number of doctors, therapists and other experts will be on hand to offer advice and answer questions.

Sex therapist and radio host and director of the sex education website, Dr.

Iss doran humney sex kay hawaley sey chund ahem issues per Lahore kay ma'aroof ulma'a ki khidmat mein ek sawal naama irsaal kya.

Aksar ulma e karaam ney shayad masail ko ghaer ahem samajhtey huey jawab nah diya ya shayad woh iss mozou per apni ra'ey detey huey ghabratey hain lekin aap ittefaq karein gey kay aankhein bandh karney sey masail khatam nahin hongey.

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