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It’s as if, having written the song (with co-writers Shaun Frank and Frederic Kennett) as a he-said-she-said tête-à-tête, Taggart realized he wouldn’t be able to sit this one out.Given that he made his name behind the boards and not in front of a mic, Taggart’s voice is modest and underwhelming (not unlike DJ and froggy singer Calvin Harris or, from an earlier era, trumpeter-turned-improbable-singer Herb Alpert).In these dance-floor arias, a woman’s presence is essential; but Taggart and Pall have made the specific female voices ultimately interchangeable.Halsey has by far the highest profile of any of the Chainsmokers’ collaborators to date, and she’s a more distinctive vocalist than Rozes or Daya.Her only Hot 100 hit as a lead artist, “New Americana,” peaked at No. For two of those three weeks, it’s been America’s best-selling digital song; last week, on on-demand audio services like Spotify, “Closer” ousted Drake’s “One Dance” after nearly four months as the most-played song; and this week, “Closer” took over as the most-streamed song, period, across all online services including You Tube.

As we enter the back half of the 2010s, one has to marvel at the resilience and sturdiness of EDM, which has defined the center of pop music since, arguably, the late aughts—taking flight with Daft Punk’s 2006 live comeback and entrenching in 2008–09 with the rise of frontline singers like Lady Gaga.

Her yearning vocal deepens “Closer’s” brooding ambiance.

Even in a year where it seems every other hit is oddly wistful, “Closer” stands out for its tone of small-scale regret writ large.

Their growth as hitmakers has been rapid: “Closer” is the EDM duo’s third straight Top 10 single this year, each hit bigger than the last. 6 hit in February, was followed by “Don’t Let Me Down,” which peaked at No. So potent is the Chainsmokers’ brand at this point that when “Closer” dropped in late July, it was received as an insta-smash, debuting on the Hot 100 all the way up at No. All three of their 2016 smashes have prominently showcased a brassy female vocalist.

“Roses” was actually named after its singer, Philadelphia-based Elizabeth “Rozes” Mencel; and “Don’t Let Me Down” showcased Pittsburgh teenager Grace Martine Tandon, who goes by the sobriquet Daya.

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    Later attempts concentrated on features such as repetition, verse form and rhyme, and emphasized the aesthetics which distinguish poetry from more objectively informative, prosaic forms of writing.

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