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'There is the sense, too, with any conception outside the womb that you're creating a product in a laboratory.'Andthe more these processes move into the IVF lab, the further we distanceourselves from the beauty and significance of the natural act ofconception.' So topical is the issue of donor sperm that a Hollywood film, to bereleased in Britain in October, will deal with the controversialfall-out.Andto compound the disquiet that surrounds their conception, children areoften not told the truth about their birth by the parents who raisethem.'Men often feel uneasy about infertility so whereassisted clinical reproductive techniques are concerned, there is moresecrecy about sperm donation than any other method, ' says clinicalforensic psychologist Professor Robert Edelmann. And if suddenly a child- or worse an adolescent - discovers the man they thought was theirbiological dad in fact is not, it can have devastating consequences.'I don't like the word "donor" because it sounds so clinical,' she says.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

'Out there, in the world, is a whole family I will never know and who will never know me,' she says.

Sheoften wonders whether the young man at the root of this spreading andconvoluted family tree realised how important was his gift of semen.'My biological father would have been younger than I am now when hedonated his sperm, and I imagine he thought very little about theconsequences of doing so,' she says.

Compare Caroline's testimony with that of social worker Narelle Grace, 27, who lives in West London.

She also views her conception, using an anonymous donor sperm, as a cold, medical transaction.

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